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Securely collect data from thousands of metering devices. We use a combination of private networks and encryption to provide GDPR compliant service

Protect revenue by automatically finding errors, failing equipment and missing data before your billing cycle


Automated data validation speeds up finding the root cause of missing, corrupt or partial data and prevents errors being consumed by downstream applications and users.

Alarms let you know that critical parts of your infrastructure aren’t working.

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Realtime KPIs and alarms help improve and maintain the performance of your meter data system.

COMPLETENESS checks data received against the asset database to identify properties which have data missing.


For each property with missing data we help to identify the root cause - be it an unknown serial number, a failed asset or a communications issue.


Some meters can return bogus values which are often difficult to detect, particularly on large meter estates.


Manually viewing data for each meter to identify errors is time-consuming and error-prone. can help to identify these often hidden issues by automatically detecting common problems. 


Many types of installation and meter faults can be hidden from the view of the operators. 

Our solution can detect faults such as meter status codes and verification that heat and cooling meters are correctly plumbed.

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