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Modern Housing Complex

Cost-effective infrastructure for long term performance monitoring and service charging


We provide cost-effective metering infrastructure for new and existing buildings.

From design through to installation, we offer proven systems for accurate submetering with automated reading. These systems are industry standard and can be operated by anyone.

We support your projects with reference designs suitable for new build or retrofit projects across all of the major utilities and residential heat networks.

These designs typically achieve 99%+ daily meter reading success.

Investment Chart

Meterpoint can collect meter data on your behalf and securely make it available to either your managing agents or your in-house service charging teams.

Data is available in standard formats at the touch of a button in our web application or we can integrate with your service charging application automatically.


Our online services can validate your meter data before it is used for service charging to ensure that you are operating with the regulations.

We verify every reading and notify you or your agents as soon as a problem is detected.

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