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A reliable, GDPR compliant endpoint that collects data from your meter devices and

makes it readily available for you to access


We’ll securely collect and store your meter data for up to 10 years in Tier 3+ data-centres.

We automatically keep backups and give you options to view it in convenient table or graph formats.

Meterpoint's data collection is compatible with the entire range of Elvaco gateway devices for MBus and Wireless MBus meters.

We use secure networks, encryption and user permissions to help you comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR.

Single Meter Chart Screengrab.png

Organise your metering assets with our asset database which lets you define where your metering assets are, manage exchanges and automatically configure your gateway devices to read new meters.


Some MBus devices allow services to be suspended remotely (e.g. for non-payment). Meterpoint provides a simple interface to allow these devices to be manipulated. ​


We offer gateways with inclusive mobile data access across the UK, Europe, the US and Oceania.

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