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Billing bureaus use Meterpoint to onboard clients quickly and with ease


Meterpoint simplifies the secure collection of your client's data.

Getting submetering and heat network metering systems to work flawlessly can be challenging. We can collect the data for you whilst you focus on your clients.

We will provide the data to you in a simple to use format either in your own billing application or many commercially available platforms.

We perform data validation checks and inform you of any meters or parts of your data collection infrastructure which aren't working.

Relaxing at Home

To speed up the onboarding of new clients we can provide preconfigured gateways for installation at the sites you manage. 

Our asset database tool enables you remotely set up the meter schedules and within minutes tell you whether everything is working.

We can also help you adopt existing gateways and collect data from third party systems.


With Meterpoint you can offer your clients simple and cost-effective remote disconnection services across MBus installations.

With our services, you can additionally offer heat network optimisation services to help reduce consumer bills.

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