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Simple data collection and analysis whatever your scale


Meterpoint lowers the cost and increases the value of your meter data


Getting submetering and heat network metering systems to work flawlessly can be challenging. We can collect the data for you whilst you focus on your clients.

We will provide the data to you in a simple to use format either in your own billing application or many commercially available platforms.

We perform data validation checks and inform you of any meters or parts of your data collection infrastructure which aren't working.

Meterpoint is typically much cheaper than in-house solutions, whilst also providing an industry-leading feature set.

Data on a Touch Pad

Reliability is important.


That's why we built our service on industry-leading equipment from one of the worlds leading providers of Automated Metering Reading systems and our internet application powered by Amazon Web Services.

We guarantee high availability of the platform to make sure we collect every bit of data you have.


Our analytics help you get the most out of your assets.

From identifying possible lifetime extensions to improving the day-to-day efficiency of your utility networks - Meterpoint helps you get there quickly.

With monitoring and automated alarms, we ensure you stay efficient by letting the right people know when something isn't right.

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