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Improve the performance of your business by integrating applications and business processes with Meterpoint


The data we collect is your data and we do everything that we can to make it easy to consume.

At the most basic level, all of the raw data, charts and analysis that we produce can be easily exported and downloaded for you to use in your day to day work.

For deeper integrations, every service we offer can be accessed via API and we can schedule regular data exports to other systems including most billing applications.


Meterpoint can provide automated exports formatted for many popular utility billing applications including Junifer, Sycous and SkyBill.

Our export can also be used to power billing based on standard accountancy packages.


All of our data services are available as a rest style HTTP interface.

We can provide an OpenAPI 3.0 definition of the available services as well as detailed integration guides.


Data can be set for scheduled exports to your own applications via STFP, HTTPS or upload to an AWS S3 Bucket.


Events in the system can be set up to trigger notifications to help drive automated workflows.


Notifications can be sent as HTTP webhooks or emails.

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