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Working in Office

Simple data collection to integrate with your existing processes


Meterpoint simplifies the secure collection of your client's data.

Getting submetering and heat network metering systems to work flawlessly can be challenging. We can collect the data for you whilst you focus on your clients.

We will provide the data to you in a simple to use format either in your own billing application or many commercially available platforms.

We perform data validation checks and inform you of any meters or parts of your data collection infrastructure which aren't working.

Image by Urip Dunker

Every meter reading has a complete audit trail of how it was received and whether it is valid.

After validation, we only push defendable data to you for service charging, reducing the risk of challenges and so bills only need to be calculated once.


Easily comply with metering and sub-metering regulations with Meterpoint's validation suite. 

We verify every piece of data we receive as well as looking at trends to check your meters are working correctly so that you stay within the regulations.

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