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Modern Metering Infrastructure

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Meterpoint allows you to manage a fleet of data collectors to collect, validate and analyse data from a wide variety of meters. Easily integrate with many applications from consumer billing and revenue protection to performance improvement.

We also supply new metering infrastructure, fix issues with existing metering systems, consult on improving heat network performance and advise on systems integration for utility companies.

We bring together everything required to manage your utility metering assets.


Securely collect data from thousands of metering devices. We use a combination of private networks and encryption to provide a GDPR compliant service


Quickly identify missing, invalid and incomplete data. Receive alarms for critical data being unavailable


Use high-frequency data collection to identify optimisation opportunities for physical systems and infrastructure


Integrate with third party billing systems and analysis suites to customise and extend for your needs

Home: How it works?

Meterpoint was built from the ground up to provide a reliable, secure and cost-effective way to collect, analyse and consume data from one to many thousands of meters.

  • Easy GDPR and regulatory compliance

  • Built on Amazon Web Services for security and 99.9%+ uptime

  • Powerful data validation and analysis tools tailored to your sector

  • Cost-effective compared to in-house and competitor solutions

Home: Why meterpoint?
Meterpoint are proud to be an Elvaco Premium Partner 

Elvaco is the leading provider of Automated Meter Reading systems. We support the deployment and optimisation of fleets of their products and advise on their management and secure setup.

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